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Ekarna is the Hyaloring goddess of trade.


You can build a shrine or temple to Ekarna. Her blessings are: 

  • Market: Makes our markets more profitable.
  • Trading: Improves the profit of trading missions. 
  • Silvertongue: Helps our traders and negotiators. 
  • Understanding: Helps our dealings with foreigners.

On the Circle[]

Rune Communication.png

Having a worshipper of Ekarna on the Clan Circle allows you to put more magic into Diplomacy during Sacred Time.


Before she bartered for the Trade Rune and became the goddess of trade, Ekarna was simply one of Nyalda's attendants. She brokered between Nida Mountain and Genert's Garden at the Brass Bazaar. At one point, her friend Osara rescued her from imprisonment by Wheels

She is something of a rival to the Wheel trade god Rogoros. In all Ekarna's stories, Rogoros is an incompetent buffoon; presumably, she comes off no better in his. 

These are some of the things your circle members may say of Ekarna:

  • "Talking magic comes from Ekarna." 
  • "Ekarna punishes cheaters and thieves. However, we are not the thieves here." 
  • "When Yanade had more spirits than even he could keep track of, he asked Ekarna to find new homes for some of them." 
  • "Busenari said, 'All the cows are my daughters.' Ekarna replied, 'And the gold they fetch will arm our sons.'" 
  • "As a woman who never lets her feet touch the earth, the goddess Ekarna confuses me."  
  • "Wheels do not worship Ekarna. Their trading god is male and wears a cylindrical hat." 
  • "Ekarna gave us Tradetalk, the language that lets us talk to foreigners." 
  • "The goddess Ekarna is sister to the horse goddess Gamari, and rides a steed who is Gamari's half-sister." 


Ekarna's myth is Ekarna's Four Trades, which forms the basis forEkarna Four Trader.

Concept Art[]


Jan Pospíšil designed Ekarna's unique rune. It is a combination of the Communication, Harmony, and Law runes, resembling her trade tent. In the game, her worshippers are identified by the Communication rune, but sometimes wear the Ekarna rune on their clothing.