Chanla, an elder woman of your clan, tells you that she vividly dreamt of the Golden City, legendary home of your forebears. They fled from it generations ago to escape the oncoming glacier. In her dream, the ice has receded, and the Hyalorings can now return to their ancestral home. Others say this is impossible. She wants the clan circle to send a shaman there in spirit form, to confirm that what she has dreamt is true.
  1. Allow her to arrange it.
  2. Allow it, but first lower their expectations.
  3. Forbid it.
  4. Have the circle send a shaman.
  5. Send a shaman, spending additional ritual effort.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


Attempting to lower people's expectations may work, but sometimes they will not want to hear anything but wholehearted support of the vision. In any case, Nivorah will prove to be covered in ice and unrecognizable.