Delegations from two clans, the <clan1> and <clan2>, seek <your clan> aid in resolving a dispute. Each claims to make better dumplings, stone-cooked stew, and beef cube sauce than the other. They ask you to assemble a panel of elders to impartially judge their dishes. As frivolous as the dispute may seem, both sides clearly take it with great seriousness, their tempers already flaring.
  1. Select judges who will choose based on merit.
  2. Select judges who will favor the <clan1> clan.
  3. Select judges who will favor the <clan2> clan.
  4. Drum up spirits to judge the contest.
  5. Decline to assist.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


Obviously, if you favor one clan over the other, that clan's opinion of you will rise and the other's will fall.

If you judge based on merit, you may well end up declaring a tie—which will please neither clan.


This event seems to trigger for pairs of clans that already have positive opinions of you.