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Without consulting with any other leader, <Explorer> gathered explorers and headed north. Now <he/she> has returned from a place <Explorer> calls Boulderwood. Explorer found a pit ringed by holy stone pillars, and spoke to the god that dwells there.  The god called himself Kadul/Uldak, and said that he had been abandoned by his faithless people. Unlike our earth gods, Kadul/Uldak is male, granting him powers unknown to Nyalda and her retinue. “In exchange for a sacrifice, he promises to protect us from Chaos, a new and dangerous force presently seeping into the world."  Members of the Antler Society said that this god smelled wrong to them.
  1. Allow the rite
  2. Gently refuse
  3. Issue a general edict against exploring without permission.
  4. Scold <Explorer> for his rashness

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


Allowing the rite can have several consequences.  Nyalda appears to warn you that Uldak/Kadul is a rebel god banished by Oria, the first earth mother.  Nyalda states that your sacrifice was wasted but you will not be afflicted by his dread presence.  However, whatever amount of goods and cattle you sacrificed, will actually boost up the number of cattle that Uldak will offer if you sacrifice a human when visiting him in Boulderwood.  He defaults at offering 100 cattle, but you can push that starting offer up to 170 with your sacrifice in this event.  One other consequence that can happen in allowing the rite is your explorer may later commit suicide feeling like they have wronged the gods.(Not clear what causes this) Gently refusing should avoid any clan tensions.  


If you have previously visited Uldak in Boulderwood, your explorer will tell you instead they met a god named Kadul, which is Uldak's way of trying to trick visitors into thinking that he is someone else.  Both names have the same letters, just in a different order. 

This event seems to require a noble with the God Seeker personality, although they don't have to be on the ring for it to trigger.