Women of your clan rush to the village in a panic. Their children, out guarding the pastures as is their duty, have disappeared. One of them saw a rag-tag band of outlaws, some on horses, some not, making off with the children. From their motley garb, these bandits looked like former Riders and Wheels, joined by a Ram or two. Shimmering magic aided their departure, suggesting that the ex-Elmali among them have turned to the worship of Yatelo, renegade god of hunger and banditry. <Number> children remain unaccounted for.
  1. Hunt the bandits.
  2. Send <Inilla worshipper> to save them with Inilla's magic against Yatelo.
  3. Send <Raven trickster> to save them with trickster magic.
  4. Wait for a ransom demand.
  5. Work with neighbors to reduce banditry.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


  • If you send your Raven shaman, you have the option of performing a taxing ritual of support. If successful, the trickster will convince the bandits to ransom the children for a bag of vole bones.
  • Since Inilla is an enemy of Yatelo, sending your circle forager may discourage the bandits for some time.


The Raven and Inilla options only appear if you have a devotee of the appropriate spirit or god on the circle. It is not known if other gods unlock still more options.