The mission you sent to the Last Tablet Plateau has returned, bringing Cenala, ageless daughter of your god Hyalor and the elf goddess Aldrya with them. She had gently declined a horse, preferring to touch the earth. Were her divine presence not so serene, it would be oppressive. A resinous tear drops from her eye as she surveys the blasted landscape. “I have come to restore this land,” she says.
  1. Ask nothing further of her.
  2. Ask her to wait until the other Rider clans can come to witness.
  3. Ask her to wait until all Elmali clans can come to witness.
  4. Ask her to wait until all clans can come to witness.


Ask nothing further of her will cause her to restore destroyed fields and wildlands and improve relationships. It will not cause disbelieving Rider clans to believe in her. Ask her to wait for Rider clans... will cause all clans who agree to come to believe in Cenala, potentially resolving conflicts between believers and non believers. Ask her to wait for all Elmali clans can improve wheel relations with those who agree to come. Ask her to wait for all clans to come can improve relations with Ram clans who agree to come. However, this can cause the Ram Killers Rider clan to not show up and reject Cenala. Making this choice will also put Cenala's return escort mission at risk of being ambushed by the Ram Killers and murdering her. (Does not always happen though)


Asking nothing further of Cenala will not resolve the belief schism between Riders. Ironically, this can be useful to do if most clans believe in Cenala because they will reliably show up to your God's Rituals more while there is still a schism between Rider clans than when the schism is resolved.