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While exploring in the northern foothills where the Ergeshite goat nomads dwell, <name> and his escort come across a giant blue goat. Approaching its guardians with caution, <name> discovers that the goat grants luck and fertility to the clan that controls it. The goat never dies and cannot be slain, and remembers the full history of the Ergeshite people. Though it does not speak aloud, its spirit can communicate with Ergeshite shamans.
  1. Ask the goat for a blessing.
  2. Offer the goat a gift.
  3. Thank the guardians for this information and withdraw.
  4. Try to steal the goat.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


  • Trying to steal the goat can end in failure, with the goat itself killing all but one of your explorers while its guardians look on. However, it can also be successful, which grants you a treasure, the Blue Goat. War Magic allocation at Sacred Time also helps.
  • A gift can please the goat and grant you a Pasture Blessing.
  • Withdrawing is certainly a safe choice.


Event can randomly be found by exploring Ergeshan territory on map.