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A flock of bird skeletons flies overhead. They circle around your clan lands once, twice, then a third time. As they fly away, our shrine to <god> crumbles into dust.
  1. Call on Elmal to erect a defense against bird skeletons.
  2. Call on Raven to revile the bird skeletons, so they do not return.
  3. Conduct a divination.
  4. Inspire the people to remain calm.

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


If you call on Elmal, you will have to choose how much to sacrifice. Likewise, if you choose to call on Raven, you will have to decide whether to have the shamans do the long and taxing version of the ritual. The shamans will be unable to say how long Raven's scolding will last.


No matter what choice you make, you have lost a shrine, and will have to rebuild it if you want to regain the blessing it supplied.