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Beren the Tall is a hero who will be born into your clan in Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind. He is descended from Elmal through his son Verlaro.

As a boy, he becomes close to Beren the Swift, another young hero from a nearby Rider clan. He later falls madly in love with the Ram priestess Redalda, who he and his friend both wish to marry.

Skills & Religion[]

Beren will always worship Elmal, your chief god. His skills can be damaged and improved in the same way as any other leader's, but he seems to always start out with the following, regardless of what choices you make before he is of age: 

  • Combat: Excellent
  • Diplomacy: Excellent
  • Food: Good
  • Leadership: Very Good
  • Lore: Good
  • Magic: Good

He is a required quester for the following rituals: 

These rituals test him in Combat, Magic, and Diplomacy. Some also test Strategy (likely Combat + Leadership), WedCultures (likely Diplomacy + Lore), Mythology (likely Lore + Magic) and Hunting (Combat + Food). Investing magic in particular areas (especially War, Ritual, and Diplomacy) at Sacred Time can also help his chances of success. Some of his actions will also be boosted if Yelm was your clan's first god.

A fight against a sea dragon has multiple stages that Beren must handle without Redalda's help, and Rivalry between warlords has one such stage. In the other two rituals, you can have Redalda handle things if Beren's skills are poor.


Beren appears or is mentioned in the following events:

He can also appear in 

Other Stories[]

For more information on how Beren—or perhaps his friend Swift—may be remembered by later Gloranthans, see Beren on the Glorantha wiki... but maybe wait until you've won the game before checking!