Beren returns to again make an impassioned plea to the clan circle. "My love for Redalda burns <brighter than ever/like a hundred Southern suns/as an unquenchable passion/like Elmal’s for Nyalda>. You may call me <crazy/impertinent/insistent/troublesome> for asking, but this feeling in my heart is so pure that I cannot believe the gods forbid it. I beg you, let us ride to the Sky World, and seek proof one way or the other. If I am wrong, I promise I will never again bother council over this."
  1. Ask Elmal.
  2. Ask Hyalor.
  3. Ask spirits.
  4. Demand that he snap out of it once and for all.
  5. Seek a suitable mate for him.
  6. Tell him to ask again at a more auspicious time.


If you successfully set Beren up with a suitable mate or get him to "snap out of it", you will not be able finish Six Ages with a good ending.

This scene is basically the beginning of the end game scenario. From here your main goal is to eventually marry off Beren to Redalda.

You can ask for one of the god's approval, and they will grant it. Elmal would seem to have greater authority. Even with their approval you can still tell Beren to wait for a more auspicious time to actually petition marriage.

Asking spirits only once can work.

Successfully telling Beren to ask again can delay this event as well.

This event will repeat several times if you keep delaying. If you delay Beren enough times, the text will eventually say "Beren stiffened..," and will let you know that his friend Beren the Swift is seeking Redalda too. That is the very last time you can delay Beren's request. If you delay it again after that result, Beren the Swift will marry Redalda instead and you won't be able to get a successful finish to your game.

Instead you can say yes to his marriage and tell him you need X amount of seasons to still prepare. You can safely choose to delay the actual petition for another 10 seasons without risk of Redalda marrying someone else.

If you tell him he can only marry if other clans approve, it is possible to fail to get their approval and lock yourself out of being able to finish the game. It is safest to approve the marriage without requiring anyone else's approval.


You can delay this event from happening as frequently if you send Beren off exploring repeatedly. A simple option is to send him far off to the Northwest glacier as far as possible. Make sure you aren't using Gamari's Fleethoof blessing so you can slow his travel speed down. If you have a Zarlen Shrine with Pathfinder Blessing set up and put a point of magic into Exploration during sacred time, he will not die often. Two points in Exploration should be especially rare. It is not recommended to do this though if you are playing Iron WIlled.(no game restores allowed)

You can delay Beren's marriage petition events further by getting him intentionally captured by Ugarra the Hag. However, it will ruin his abilities. Check the consequences and notes section of the page to see how to best set up his capture.