One of your holy people, Hendar, has been studying the story tent, reaching a surprising conclusion. A particular panel dating from the Generation of Enemies shows Raven meeting with the <X>. We have always interpreted this to mean an alliance against your ancient enemies, the <Y>. But Hendar has spun on this and come to the conclusion that we submitted to a Raven trick in order to survive. The Sharp-Beaked Spirit convinced us to forget that the <X> committed much worse crimes against us than the forces of <Y>. Our ancestors should instead direct their just ire at the <X>.
  1. Allow Hendar to awaken the ancestors to this truth.
  2. Command Hendar to stop making trouble.
  3. Convince Hendar that Raven's trick must never be revealed.
  4. Convince Hendar he is mistaken.
  5. "Tell people if you must, but the <X> are not our enemies now."

— Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind


It is quite difficult to convince Hendar that he is wrong or that he should not reveal his findings.

If he is allowed to awaken the ancestors, your ancestral enemy will be changed from the one you selected in clan creation.