<Name> and explorers enter an apparently deserted town ringed by enormous walls. Judging from the scale of the place, beings as big as giants used to live here. The explorers sense the presence of miraculously pure water below their feet. An underground spring must run beneath the city’s abandoned streets.
  1. Call on Reladivus, tamer of rivers, to force the water out.
  2. Call on Nyalda, mother of earth, to squeeze the water up.
  3. Drum for the spring.
  4. Intimidate the spring by whooping
  5. Leave well enough alone.

Consequences Edit

It is possible to bring the spring water up through the first 4 choices. This water will heal all sick members you have at home. However, at the same time there is a good chance that your explorers will be caught and come under the influence of the gods that dwell here and be converted to their religion.(Permanently leaving your clan)

Location Edit

This location is located West of the Oslira River either North or South of the Spirit Hills. There are 2 abandoned type locations.(The other one being a temple) It is randomized on whether the Abandoned Village shows up in the Northern or Southern location.

Notes Edit

You can mark the way to this location after bringing up the spring water successfully so later explorers can visit the water source without having to pass a test. If you fail the first time to bring up the water, you will not be able to seek it out again.

If your ancestral enemy was the Forces of Water you will have to bring the spring water up successfully each time you visit as it tries to hide from you.

This location can be used as a way to reliably get rid of clan members you no longer want.

Although very difficult, it is possible to get through the game without using any magic or Rider gods if you use the abandoned village water to heal your sick at home.(Outside of proposing to Redalda)