This is a ritual which can only be attempted at the marriage of Beren the Tall to Redalda. Unlike other rituals, there is no corresponding in-game myth. 

At this point, the game has effectively been won. But this ritual may determine whether it is an unalloyed triumph or a more bittersweet victory... 


The game ends directly after this ritual's completion, so you will not see any benefit from this ritual in Ride Like the Wind. However, you may earn a divine blessing to pass on to the descendants of your clan. Presumably this blessing will be carried over to later games.

Depending on your actions and choices, Orlanth may promise to reward your descendants for continuing on the path of unity, fighting Chaos or fighting trolls. Alternately, he may promise to help them survive, that Ernalda will aid them during Earth season, or that they will wield Death.


Your questers are decided for you: your hero Beren and his bride, the Ram priestess Redalda. However, their stats, as well as other factors such as clan magic, Sacred Time ritual allocation, and more, can still affect the success of their choices and the ritual as a whole. 


What path you should take through the ritual depends on what blessing you seek to gain.

  • Orlanth will reward your descendants for continuing on the path of unity if you have Redalda heal the wounded earth in the first stage (having Beren grant relief to the dead Sun may also work), then persuade the trolls to help fight the Chaos monster in the third stage, and finally ask that your descendants be blessed as bringers of unity.
  • Orlanth will reward your descendants for fighting trolls if you attack the trolls in the first stage (either option should work) and then ask Orlanth to bless your descendants as fighters against trolls in the fourth stage.
  • If you wish Orlanth to help your descendants survive, ask to be remembered as fierce survivors in the fourth stage.
  • If you wish your descendants to wield Death, ask to be remembered as pitiless warriors in the fourth stage.
  • To gain Ernalda's aid in Earth season, have Redalda heal the earth in the first stage, then ask to be remembered as healers of the Earth in the fourth stage.


IMG 1169

The ritual force of the wedding ceremony allows Beren to sheathe his horse in a mantle of flame. Redalda climbs behind him and holds on as he rides the sky. She directs him to a faraway place where rock mantles the earth. From it a legion of trolls bursts, escaping the light of Yelm, who was slain by Orlanth and fell into the Underworld. The trolls howl for vengeance. 

  1. Beren grants relief to the dead sun.
  2. Beren looses burning arrows at the trolls.
  3. Beren strikes trolls with his flaming sword.
  4. Redalda heals the wounded earth.

IMG 1170

Orlanth, god of the Rams, appears to fight the troll horde. His thunder rumbles in Beren's bones. "What are you doing here, son of the sun? Have you come to avenge your father? I slew him for imposing his rule on the free. Shall I send you to attend him, in his Underworld crypt?"

  1. "He is my husband," Redalda says. "As Vingkot's father, you are kin to my people, to me, and now to him. And kin may not slay kin." 
  2. "He will show us how to ride," Redalda says, "a trick we will need to fight our coming foes." 
  3. "By murdering Yelm, you broke the world," Beren says. "Even your people cannot live without a sun to shine on them." 
  4. "Riders and Rams are both human," Beren says, "and all humans must band together against darkness." 

IMG 1235

A vast and terrible monster erupts from the hole left by the fleeing trolls. Orlanth cries out in surprise, not knowing what manner of being he now faces. 

  1. Beren conjures a shield of flame and tosses it to Orlanth. 
  2. Beren fights at Orlanth's side. 
  3. Redalda persuades the trolls to unite with humans against this greater threat. This is likely to work if she healed the wounded earth, and unlikely to succeed if Beren attacked the trolls instead. 
  4. Redalda summons earth-shaking beasts to help fight it. 

IMG 1223

"My husband has aided you, Storm Chieftain," Redalda says. "Will you now bestow a blessing upon our descendants?" Orlanth, the creature's ichor still dripping from his mustache, said, "What do you ask of me?"

  1. "Bless our descendants as fighters against trolls." Requires attacking the trolls in the first stage. 
  2. "Bless our descendants as bringers of unity." Requires cooperating with the trolls against the Chaos monster. 
  3. "Bless our descendants as fighters against Chaos." 
  4. "Bless our descendants as fierce survivors." 
  5. "Bless our descendants as pitiless warriors." 
  6. "Recognize us as healers of the earth." Requires Redalda to successfully heal the earth in the first stage.